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Ada Moisescu


Primary Studio
Agora Yoga Lisboa
English, Portuguese, Romanian
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

Recently certified in LYT Yoga method, a course from which I have gained immense knowledge about the body and how to practice yoga in a smart and sustainable way. I'd love to help everyone move better in their yoga practice and in their life.

On a separate thread I am also a "mindful Ashtanga practitioner" that would love to continue practicing this powerful purifying method in a safe way.

My mission is to serve others in two ways:
1. For the general population of non-practitioners: By setting up LYT yoga classes focused on functional movements to improve postural misalignment and suboptimal movement patterns. I am particularly present in the tech community and I see office professionals which by the nature of their job are more inclined to have a static lifestyle and lack of smart movement and mindful practices.
2. For the Ashtanga yoga practitioners: By setting up LYT inspired classes that would complement the traditional practices, bring diversity in their movement patterns and sustain the Ashtanga practice in a smart way by broadening the body and mind's boundaries. I'd also love to support my fellow practitioners in their journey through this powerful practice to sustain it throughout the course of their life adapting it to their needs and the unicity of their body with love and care.

Get in touch and let's LYT up!