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Work Well Series Ep. 2: Revolutionizing Workplace Wellness with Wellable and Modern Health

Feb 23, 2024



In this episode of our Work Well Series, we explore two exceptional platforms that take employee benefits to the next level. Modern Health and Wellable are both innovative solutions for companies designed to enrich physical, social, and mental well-being in the workplace. 

First, Lara speaks with Nick Patel, Founder and CEO at Wellable. Wellable’s challenge library and customizable well-being in the workplace programs emphasize the need for holistic health approaches from employers. 

Next, Lara talks with Modern Health’s Director of Clinical Research and Scientific Affairs, Dr. Jessica Waltrous, about the platform’s comprehensive mental health offerings, providing accessible care through digital content, coaching, and therapy that employers use to benefit their workforce. 

When thinking more about overall well-being, Wellable’s holistic look into corporate wellness and Jessica’s focus on the overwhelmingly important and often overlooked topic of mental health at work will hopefully spark more attention to the programs available to employers to ensure employee wellness. 


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