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Wednesday Q&A

686. Wednesday Q&A: Sciatica, Shoulder Positioning, & Warrior 1

Sep 20, 2023

In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about sciatica, shoulder positioning, and warrior 1 back leg. 


  • I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while. After hearing the question from the lady about sciatica, I have joined your platform. I recently had a flare-up of sciatica in my right leg and I started doing the classes that Kristin has online for sciatica mobility, hoping it will ease. I know from previous MRI scans that I have mild disc herniation L4-L5, L5-S1. My pain is like a tight wire down my back of my leg and calf and heel. Sometimes it’s in the front of the shin. I’m struggling with the inconsistency of pain. It’s definitely worse in the evening. I try to be as mobile as possible in the day, but do have a desk job. I’ve also had a prolonged issue with my right knee that has improved, but I know my mobility and right hip is much more limited than on the left side. I wonder if you had any further advice. I think your podcast and online classes are excellent. I’m passionate about functional movement for others and now I need to help myself.
  • She says some people seem to have trouble with lifting their arms and softening their shoulders. It looks like they always pull their shoulders up towards their ears when they go into cactus arms. What is the cause and what can I do to help/fix this?
  • In Warrior One with your back toes turned out about 30-45 degrees. If you pull the hip of the back leg forward, just enough to feel a good stretch in your back calf without feeling your knee being talked or twisted. Is that safe for your knee or does any action of trying to bring the hip of your back leg forward with the back hill down and your foot slightly turned out and angle twist and hurt that knee?


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