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Wednesday Q&A

650. Wednesday Q&A: Carrying Angles, Calcified Ligaments, Advice on a Student, & How LYT Helps You Breathe

Apr 19, 2023



In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about carrying angles, calcified ligaments, advice on handling a difficult student, and how LYT helps you breathe better. 


  • I’ve practiced other forms of yoga for many years with specific pranayama. But I find for the first time that my breath is bigger, since starting LYT. I feel lighter and I’m more connected. Why is that, when I’ve been practicing pranayama for many years?
  • Lara, you posted on Mark’s carrying angle. What is that and when to be concerned?
  • How often do ligaments calcify?
  • How to kindly respond to the objection of a student who persistently complains that the class is difficult, even though it’s described as the most advanced class in the yoga center. The student refuses the proposal to attend less challenging classes because it’s too difficult for her. The student breathes hard and loud in class, but still always chooses the most challenging transitions and positions. With her dissatisfaction to fulfill some of her expectations that she couldn’t achieve, she spreads negative energy that others notice and even bothers them. 


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