Nicole Sachs - Understanding & Resolving Chronic Pain

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680. Understanding & Resolving Chronic Pain with Nicole Sachs

Jul 21, 2023


Join Lara for a conversation with Nicole J. Sachs, LCSW, a renowned psychotherapist, speaker, writer, and podcaster who specializes in the treatment of chronic pain and related conditions.

With her book The Meaning of Truth and her online courses “Freedom from Chronic Pain” and “Freedom from an Anxious Life,” she has guided hundreds of thousands of people worldwide toward lives of freedom. Through her brand, The Cure for Chronic Pain, including her Website, YouTube Channel, and Podcast with over 3 million downloads, Nicole Sachs shares her personal experience and transformative work with individuals, teaching them how to heal themselves without medication or surgery. Drawing from the pioneering work of Dr. John Sarno, Nicole’s programs utilize a unique personal narrative, JournalSpeak, to rewire neural pathways, allowing the mind and body to achieve equilibrium and dissolve chronic symptoms. Nicole’s passion, expertise, and personal journey inspire individuals to reclaim their lives, find inner strength, and embrace a newfound freedom for living.


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  1. Nicole’s personal story, particularly as it interfaces with chronic pain.
  2. The role of psychology and understanding the root causes of chronic pain.
  3. Why it can be so difficult to get out of chronic pain.
  4. The interconnectedness of physical pain, anxiety, and stress.
  5. Recommendations for a lifestyle that can prevent chronic pain.
  6. The importance of support and knowing that you are not alone when experiencing pain and suffering.


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