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689. Empowering Prenatal Fitness & Postpartum Resilience with Gina Conley

Sep 29, 2023


Join Lara for a conversation with Gina Conley, MS. Gina has a master’s in exercise science and is a birth doula. She is a perinatal fitness trainer and owner of MamasteFit, an in-person perinatal training facility in Aberdeen, North Carolina. Gina has exclusively trained prenatal and postnatal fitness clients for the past 6 years and offers both in-person and online training support. Gina is a mom to three little ones and is passionate about empowering others to feel strong and pain-free throughout their pregnancies as they prepare for their birth and postpartum journey.


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  1. How experiencing a challenging birth motivated Gina to start a business that supports and empowers other women during their perinatal journey.
  2. Becoming a doula and the responsibilities involved in that role. 
  3. The importance of exercise throughout pregnancy and common misconceptions and fears associated with lifting weights and core exercises during this period.
  4. The benefits of perinatal exercise and the connection between prenatal fitness and birth preparation. 
  5. Postpartum fitness, including the timeline for returning to exercise.


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