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Wednesday Q&A

670. Wednesday Q&A: Back Pain, Wrist Pain, & Protect Your Low Back

Jun 21, 2023


Welcome to Wednesday Q&A, where you ask questions and we answer them!


In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about back pain, wrist pain, and how to protect your lower back.


Your questions:

  • How do I know if my intermittent back pain is a disc or a muscle?
  • I lead a pretty sedentary lifestyle, work at my computer ten plus hours per day for my job but try to workout/practice LYT yoga 2 to 3 times per week. I get flare-ups of tendinitis in my wrist and I notice it sometimes gets worse if I do too many weight-bearing poses/exercises after many days of not working out. Is there something I can do on a daily basis to prevent these flare-ups? Not sure if stretching or muscle-building stuff is better for injury prevention in the wrist.
  • How to protect the lower spine with lots of folding, including down dog.


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