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Wednesday Q&A

663. Wednesday Q&A: Cartilageless Knees, How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, Go-To Moves, & Traveling Nutritiously While Vegan

May 31, 2023


Welcome to Wednesday Q&A, where you ask questions and we answer them!


In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about knees without any cartilage, how to get out of your movement comfort zone, go-to moves for heaviness and uncertainty, and how to eat nutritious foods while traveling when you’re vegan.


Your questions:

  • Lately, I have people telling me that they have no cartilage in their knees, many with both knees lacking cartilage. I know posture and habitual movement patterns will cause extra wear, but what else? Is it genetic? Or are the movement patterns learned by genetics, i.e. watching parents moving and copying? 
  • I tend to stick with one lane: slower, shorter, or perceived easier classes. How do I venture out of this lane?
  • What is your go-to move or moves for when you’re feeling heavy or low and when you’re feeling anxious or uncertain in life?
  • How do you manage eating vegan nutritious during travel like airport, road, international? I can never pack enough snacks.


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