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658. Becoming Aware Of The Energy You’re Giving Out with Founder of The Asher House, Lee Asher

May 12, 2023


Lee Asher isn’t your average animal-lover. In 2018, he quit his job to follow his dreams and decided to travel across 49 states to promote dog adoption and spotlight various shelters and rescues. After his Pitbull Stella passed away, Lee was determined to fulfill his lifelong dream of creating a sanctuary, where animals could feel treasured, protected and free. In late 2020, Lee discovered a large parcel of property which was the perfect setting to turn his vision into a reality. He created The Asher House, a registered non-profit sanctuary in Estacada, Oregon, that rescues animals that have been discarded or unwanted, providing them with a life of comfort, love and adventure.


In this episode, Lee talks with Lara about his job and what it entails, the power of your mindset and the way you speak to yourself, becoming a better you, developing strong relationships with your pets and more.


In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. Success starts with investing in yourself: You have to do things that are good for you. Sometimes these things aren’t easy, but they’re vital to life!
  2. Be better than you were yesterday: This is the only thing you should worry about. Forget about who’s more successful than you, this isn’t a competition! Evolving into a better you should be your goal.
  3. Talk to yourself like you’re an animal: It’s exhausting to be cruel to yourself. We should be talking to ourselves like we are an animal. Why don’t we employ that with ourselves? Your body does so much for you, be kind to it.




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