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Wednesday Q&A

641. Wednesday Q&A: Tips for Confidence, Retraining Weak Glutes, & LYT to Rebalance Your Nervous System

Mar 22, 2023


Welcome to Wednesday Q&A, where you ask questions and we answer them!


In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about tips for teaching confidence, retraining weak glutes after hip replacements, and LYT Yoga to rebalance your nervous system. 


Your questions:

  • Tips for confidence? I’m the only LYT teacher in the studio. For example, a student leaving during class. 
  • I have a question about a new student who tripped and broke her femur in the summer. She’s in her sixties and had gotten both hips replaced maybe two years before she fell. She’s been doing PT for a while and we just started doing privates once a week. I have a general idea of what to do from level two training and Google, but would love any tips or advice. She’s not as tight as I assume she would be, but her glutes are super weak. She also has some pretty intense scars from her most recent hip surgery and redo of her hip replacement. 
  • Michelle wonders what a what would a LYT class yin-style look like? How would the conversation of the body feel in LYT, maybe blissful? We have Bliss classes, but Bliss feels focused on the restorative aspect of movement.


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