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638. Serving your Body and Mind with Physical Therapist Jill Zimmerman

Mar 10, 2023


Dr. Jill Zimmerman is a Physical Therapist, mother, wife, business owner, Instagram educator, and critical thinker. Jill has special interests in hyper-mobility syndromes and how trauma and stress show up in the body and influence both pain and movement.


In this episode, she talks with Lara about her background, how pain response ties directly with stress and trauma, why you should keep moving even if you’re experiencing pain, benefiting your body through cross-training, paying attention to breathing, pelvic floor support, and maximizing your ability to move. Listen to hear Jill’s passion for PT and her tips for living your most mobile, healthy life – mentally and physically.


In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. Pain Response: stress and trauma play a big role on elevating the body’s pain response. So can the lack of sleep and hunger you are experiencing!
  2. Movement Modification: if you want to keep exercising while in pain to get the benefits, do it! But in order to heal, you have to modify your movements.
  3. Breath work: Breath work has a wide range of benefits all the way from improving joints, relationships between muscles, and expanding areas of pressure in the body. This needs to be practiced everyday!


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