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619. Wednesday Q&A: Weight Bearing in the Hands, LYT for Anxiety Reduction, & Anterior Knee Pain

Jan 11, 2023


Welcome to Wednesday Q&A, where you ask questions and we answer them!


In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about weight bearing in the hands, practicing LYT Yoga for decreased anxiety, and advice for persistent anterior knee pain. 


Your questions:

  • Can we talk about the hand? I’ve heard of toe yoga and I use it in my PT practice and self-practice. Is there hand yoga? One thing my local LYT instructor says in class is to press the base of my index finger into the mat during any weight-bearing through the arm. I struggle with this. How can I improve and can you go into the physiology behind it?
  • Can LYT help my anxiety? Sometimes I’ve felt increased anxiety in other flow classes.
  • My question pertains to the stigma of knee pain. It seems as though the cottage industry of relief for knee pain has created an environment whereby if you experience ongoing knee pain, you must simply be doing something wrong. Despite my ongoing LYT practice and other attempts to remedy said knee pain, it still persists. Specifically, I experience this pain when walking downhill, downstairs, or doing things like weighted lunges or squat pulses from high crescent. In approximate terms, it generally radiates from below the patella on either side, which makes me think meniscus. I would characterize the discomfort as acute in that in more than a few cases, it may decrease when I’m more warmed up, but it never fully goes away. While I would not expect a diagnosis to be made from anecdotes in an email, it is unreasonable to think that some knee pain may not be entirely correctable through “better movement patterns,” strengthening the support structures. And if so, what metrics/means can be used to make that conclusive determination?


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