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613. Cultivating Relational Self-Awareness with Therapist, Author, and Professor, Dr. Alexandra Solomon

Dec 23, 2022

“The research is clear. Our relationships are the biggest determinant of our happiness, yet we’re never taught how to do them.”


Dr. Alexandra Solomon is a teacher, therapist, and author of two books. She has become one of today’s most trusted voices in the world of relationships, and her work on relational self awareness has reached millions of people around the world.


In this episode, Dr. Solomon talks with Lara about the importance of relational self-awareness and how it is the key to happiness in relationships. She explains that it is important to understand how our experiences in childhood shape our relationship with ourselves and how those patterns show up in our adult relationships. Listen in for Dr. Solomon’s tactics and thoughts on longer-term work such as journaling, therapy, and self-reflection.


In this episode, you will learn the following:

  1. How our relationships with ourselves shape our relationships with others
  2. How our early experiences shape our adult relationships
  3. How you can identify your Relationship Superpower



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