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Wednesday Q&A

605. Wednesday Q&A: Teaching Advice, Handstands, & Multifidus Muscle

Nov 30, 2022


Welcome to Wednesday Q&A, where you ask questions and we answer them!


In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about teaching advice, handstands, and the multifidus muscle. 


Your questions:

  • I’m on maternity leave from teaching right now. And some of my quiet time I spend evaluating my teaching, classes, etc. I’ve been journaling about my strengths and teaching, but also my weaknesses, how I experience them. One of the things I really want to work on is not being such a perfectionist with my students. Sometimes I have a hard time keeping the flow in the class because I want everyone to get it just right and really feel it. I can sense that some really thrive with it, but others get bored and lose interest. What is your and Kristin’s advice on how to balance the two – helping students, but also keeping a good flow?
  • I love doing handstands and various other primal movements involving weight-bearing through the wrists. While not a debilitating injury, I have noticed pain in my ulnar side wrist on both sides when taking my wrist through a supination motion. My research indicates that this may be an injury to the triangular fibrocartilage complex, a common injury that gymnasts and calisthenic practitioners experience. Do either of you have experienced treating this type of injury? What would you recommend I start doing to improve this?
  • Why had I never heard about the multifidus muscle through decades of back care? Would you be willing to discuss or demo exercises focusing on the multifidus? 


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