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604. The Hard and Messy Reality of Being an Entrepreneur with Tiffany Sauder

Nov 25, 2022

Entrepreneurship is a big world, and Tiffany Sauder, CEO of Element Three approaches it with grace, authenticity, and hard work. In this episode, Lara talks with Tiffany about her journey as a businesswoman and mother of four and what it’s taken for her to reach the personal goals she set for herself.


It’s a deep conversation about the balance of career and family, the engineering of a sustainable lifestyle, and the tools Tiffany uses to run her business and her household. Your host Lara also shares aspects of her own personal journey as an entrepreneur and a mother. Tiffany offers advice on starting out as an entrepreneur as well as her marketing thoughts for businesses, all while emphasizing the importance of perseverance and a positive attitude.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Tiffany’s background as the child of an entrepreneur, growing up in a high-achieving household, and how that impacted her journey to entrepreneurship
  • How Tiffany juggles the responsibilities of motherhood with a working household, and ultimately the importance of her “yeses” to create a more sustainable life
  • Marketing thoughts from Tiffany on ways to differentiate yourself in the marketplace



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