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6 exercises that are a part of Yoga HIIT with Lara Heimann

By Teagan Schweitzer

Jun 1, 2020

Infusing your yoga practice with high intensity interval training is a great way to create a complete movement experience. HIIT drills elevate your heart rate, challenge your muscular strength and endurance, and leave you with more of an endorphin high. I have been implementing HIIT exercises for over a decade and their inclusion signified a big shift in my yoga practice.


Here are six examples of HIIT exercises that you can bring into your yoga practice. Aim to repeat each one 30-60 seconds.


  1. PLANK RUNS: from plank, bring one knee toward the belly at a time and then pick up the pace alternating right and left knees.
  2. PLANK JACKS: from plank, move both legs out to the side, like a jumping jack, and return feet to starting position. Continue moving legs out and in with a quicker pace.
  3. SQUAT HOPS: from goddess pose (wide-legged squat), reach for the ground and then swing arms up as you hop off floor. Return feet to ground and repeat reaching down with arms and hopping up.
  4. BURPEES: take your vinyasa sun salutation up a level by hopping back to plank and then hopping back to front of mat and hop up to upright. Repeat this burpee move at a manageable pace.
  5. DOWN DOG HOPS: from Down dog, bend knees and push off the floor in a hop. Catch air and land with bent-knees into down dog and then repeat the push off.
  6. SIDE PLANK variation: in side plank with the left hand on floor under left shoulder, bring right arm over ear and then pull right elbow to right knee and straighten both elbow and knee to the starting position. Repeat this action and then switch sides.
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