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595. The Complexity of the Brain with Dr. Benjamin Rein

Oct 28, 2022

With 86 Billion (that’s with a B) brain cells communicating with each other at any given moment, the human brain is a genius computer and scientists are uncovering new, fascinating things about it every day. Neuroscientist Dr. Benjamin Rein has made it his life’s work to not only try to understand various aspects of the brain but also share the science he learns with the greater public through his ultra-popular TikTok channel.


In this episode, Lara speaks with Dr. Rein about how the brain works, his study of social behavior and empathy, and the educational science videos he shares on his TikTok channel. Listen in to hear about how yoga affects the brain as a destresser, how to improve your synaptic plasticity, and all about placebos and pain.


In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How the brain communicates with its various sections and between the two hemispheres
  • What happens in the brain during stress
  • The complicated understanding of ADHD and ADD



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