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590. Wednesday Q&A: Knee Pain, Carrying Angles, & the Obturator Internus Muscle

Oct 12, 2022


Welcome to Wednesday Q&A, where you ask questions and we answer them!


In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about knee pain, carrying angles, and the obturator internus muscle.


Your questions:

  • I’ve been having intense knee pain that keeps me up for part of the night. I feel it a bit during the day, but it really kicks in when I lie down to sleep. I suspect osteoarthritis, but I feel I’m so young for that. I have a doc appointment soon. It’s in my family though. That being said, I’m super active daily. I walk a lot, practice LYT, and do some high-impact movement including jumping because I love it. I use a pillow under my knees or between depending on the position of sleep. I’m just discouraged and it feels like chronic pain right now that I have a hard time shaking off. Would you recommend any specific movement or discourage other movements? I love hiking and just the idea of not being able to move freely scares me and makes me borderline depressed. 
  • I know you have recently talked about carrying angles on your podcast, but I have a question about a student. (Attached are pics of her in down dog and standing.) She feels like her arms are straight in down dog. I’ve queued to lift up in the hip crease, lift abdominals and ribs and this is how her down dog looks like. Would her carrying angle have something to do with this? Would this cause issues and injuries down the track at all? Any tips/adjustments required would be appreciated. 
  • Wondering if you have any thoughts/insight about the obturator internus. Mine is aggravated. I think it’s referring to my glute, hip, and hamstring. I thought it was proximal hamstring tendinopathy, but after a very invasive manual check, they think it’s the obturator internus. When it’s aggravated, forehead folds, even with bent knees, are uncomfortable, maybe even more so than straight legs. Do you have any suggestions for different movement patterns?


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