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579. Wednesday Q&A: Nerve Pain with Myofascial Release Balls, Pilates vs. Yoga, & Fun Postural Exercises for Kids

Sep 7, 2022


Welcome to Wednesday Q&A, where you ask questions and we answer them!


In this Wednesday Q&A, we answer your questions about nerve pain with myofascial release balls, pilates vs. yoga, and fun postural exercises for kids. 


Your questions:

  • I use a collection of balls for myofascial release. I use them everywhere for general conditioning. Several weeks ago, I noticed when I take one of the hardest, densest balls on the QL (quadratus lumborum), on the right side, which I’ve always done, I feel a nervy kind of pain into the gluteus medius. I don’t feel any pain during my yoga practice or with any activity, not with yoga or walking or running or dance. Any thoughts?
  • Can you tell us your thoughts on pilates versus yoga?
  • My daughter is five and super active. She loves climbing, jumping, and running. Nevertheless, she has quite rounded shoulders. Are there any fun moves you would recommend for kids to prevent rounded shoulders and slouching?, I see more and more kids already sticking out their belly and butt, which might lead to anterior pelvic tilt in the long run. What are fun ways to strengthen the deep core musculature and help their posture from such a young age?


** Joseph Pilates did not earn a degree or certification in physical therapy. However, he was self-educated in anatomy, bodybuilding, boxing, wrestling, yoga, gymnastics, and martial arts. And at the outbreak of World War I, he was in England and became a nurse-physiotherapist to his fellow interns who were sick or injured. 


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