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542. Getting Yoga Happy with Hannah Barrett

May 13, 2022

So much has changed since Hannah Barrett’s last appearance on the show. She moved from her hometown of London, underwent shoulder surgery, and published her very first book, Yoga Happy.

In it, she’s assimilated the different aspects of yoga and her own practice to develop a wonderful toolkit for anyone to move and feel better – while deepening their understanding of meditation, yogic philosophy, and mindfulness along the way.

We discuss how yoga can be accessible to anyone, how it can help balance the nervous system, and make you feel more vital and joyful in life. 

No matter what time or space you have in life, Hannah wants you to know that you can find ways to increase your energy, reduce stress, and sleep well – all things that are going to make you a little happier.

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Redefining Yoga is produced and published by Crate Media.

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