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530. Find Empowered Wellness & Thrive (Finally) with Allison Pelot

Apr 8, 2022


We’ve all heard of self-care, but it involves a lot more than just treating yourself every once in a while – it’s a whole lifestyle! 

Allison’s journey into holistic health started after 15 years as a competitive gymnast. She went on to get a degree in Exercise Science while working as a gymnastics coach and fitness professional. When her health took a drastic turn, she began to layer on holistic elements to compliment what she already knew about her body and how it worked.

She compiles everything she’s learned into her new book, Finally Thriving, where she teaches you how to apply self-care to thrive in your life. We discuss empowered wellness, being born to thrive, and uncovering your integrated stories through journaling.



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