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47 | Improving Foot Functionality | with John Frank, PT

Feb 18, 2019

My brother, John Frank, is back today to discuss the foot and its importance! The topic of the foot is a very hot one that has been requested by many of the Movement By Lara podcast, as well as my followers on Instagram. John has so much knowledge when it comes to anatomy, so we get in-depth with this one!


What is the biggest problem you see in the physical therapy world with the feet?


I see feet that have been deconditioned by shoes that are overly stiff. There are a lot of issues with the way that shoes are made: narrow toe boxes, elevated heels, etc. and these can create serious problems.


There are three main areas of the foot, and within these, there is translation in different ways and the way that these three areas all interact together is what creates the arches of the foot. Getting barefoot helps your foot get the feedback that it needs to achieve this.


Recommendations if you have plantar fasciitis?


A lot of times, when this is removed, it shows signs of not enough blood flow. When the arch is too flat, and the ankle collapses, it is restricting the blood flow to that area. The big toe should point straight ahead, but if it’s turned in, I recommend Correct Toes.  



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