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41 | Meditation & Marriage | with Mark Heimann

Feb 1, 2019

My favorite podcast guest, my husband Mark, is back on today to talk about his meditation practice, other interests that he has, and our challenges within marriage. Be sure to listen to his past episodes on his journey through a silent retreat (28 + 29)!


What kind of resolution did you have after your silent retreat?


After everything that happened, I did have the chance to speak with the people putting on the silent retreat. I gave them the opportunity to reflect on their actions, and they decided to not take any responsibility.


How has a regular meditation practice helped you deal with this differently?


I feel like I’m more calm and handling situations differently than I believe that I would have prior to me starting my meditation practice. This experience highlighted to me that just because people are in authority positions, it doesn’t mean we need to give them power. We need to still look at things critically and trust what our inner voice is saying.


When you feel like you’re hitting a plateau in something, how do you get yourself out of it?


When I’m in a funk, I want to volunteer or do something for others. I like to give, and I like to give big.


How do you find that we deal with parenting and its challenges?


We are in such a good place on most all of the topics that marriages struggle with, but we were brought up differently and that creates different ways of parenting. When it hasn’t been well, it’s because we haven’t communicated, or boosted each other up.



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