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402. Veganism & Earning Planet Peace, with James Aspey

Jun 4, 2021

James Aspey is a renowned animal activist who’s been vegan for eight years. The path to him becoming a voice for the unheard started with his decision to become voiceless, himself. He took a vow of silence in honor of animal suffering and maintained it for an entire year. With his big personality, outspoken charisma, and extreme commitment to the cause, he’s doing so much good in the world.

He saw the massive injustices in the animal product industries and just how few people were actually speaking up in the way that they needed to, so he had to take on the mission, himself. The language and tone he uses is often the center of controversy and criticism. We talk about the backlash to this approach, the morality of veganism, and how his diet changed his life following a cancer diagnosis.



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