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360 | Opening Your Heart to Animal Rights & Rescue | with Calvin “Black Noah” Tucker

Feb 26, 2021

Calvin Tucker goes by “Black Noah” on Instagram, a moniker he adopted after becoming a huge animal rescuer and advocate. He owns four rescue cats, helps feed a hundred cats every week, has TNRed (Trap-Neuter-Return) over 650 cats, and found homes for over 140 cats.

You wouldn’t guess it from that bio, but growing up, Calvin always hated cats. Then, one day after leaving work, he found a little grey kitten sitting by his car and something inside of him changed. That cat was Henry, the first of four kittens that Calvin would wind up adopting and the reason for everything he does today.

He talks about colony management of feral cats, a day in his life, and how you can support animal rescue efforts.


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