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357 | Being Your True Creative, Authentic Self | with Nathan Hirschaut

Feb 19, 2021

Nathan Hirschaut is an ex-professional dancer who graduated from The Juilliard School. He’s also a yoga teacher with a passion for creative coaching and spiritual evolution. He’s lived a lot of life in his 21 years and has a lot of wisdom to share from that time.

Before Juilliard and before professional dancing, Nathan saw dance as more of a sport than an art. He was good at controlling his body, but he didn’t understand how to use that for self-expression. Now, in the year of COVID and with dance mostly on hold, Nathan decided to go full force into starting his business, Hive Creates, a company dedicated to supporting the next generation of leading artists in 2018.

When he realized that he didn’t want to follow the traditional path laid out for people, he knew he had to build an inner compass to guide him and help him be strong enough to navigate the unknown. He gathered the components he needs to not only create authentically but to help others do the same.


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