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276 | Balancing Your Health & Vitality with Herbal Remedies | with Dana Hutchinson

Aug 14, 2020

Dana Hutchinson is a medical and Chinese herbalist and flower essence practitioner. When she was dealing with her own health issues, Western medicine didn’t help solve her problem, so she began searching for alternative medicine practices and came across a traditional Chinese medicine doctor. He looked not at her symptoms but at her whole body, and he was able to assess the root cause of her conditions and show her how to treat them—and she was hooked.

After this experience, Dana did all she could to gather up skills as an herbalist. She believes that we are in the midst of an autoimmune epidemic and that our stress-evoking society is only going to make things worse. If we can’t clear the stress, how can we help our bodies to at least adapt better to it?

For managing stress in your own life, even if you aren’t dealing with an autoimmune disease, you can always start with yoga and breathing. Before even reaching herbs as an option, look at your sleep, your diet, and how your stress presents itself in your life. And absolutely imperative is healing the gut because most people in this day and age have issues with their gut health. A few basic herbs you can start with at home are plantain/Plantago, calendula, Matricaria (chamomile), dandelion root, or Arctium. These are 101-level herbs that most people should have access to. For anything more, you should really see an herbalist to help guide the types of herbs as well as the quantity for safety and effectiveness.


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