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19 | Our Journey, Humane Education, & A Silent Retreat | My Husband, Mark Heimann

Dec 10, 2018

Today I have a very special guest joining me on the podcast! He is an actor, activist, educator, parent, and an amazing partner: my husband, Mark Heimann. I’m thrilled to have Mark on the podcast, and have him answer questions that you all sent in.

What is it like to be married to a yoga teacher?

“Disclaimer: I am not a yogi.”

Being married to a yoga instructor doesn’t mean he’s taking yoga classes, but when he does, he take Lara’s and happens to truly enjoy his time there!

How did we grow together in our conscious yoga practice?

When they met, he had no idea what even vegetarianism was! But, Mark wanted to honor Lara’s values while they biked across the country together. After the trip, the two read Animal Liberation, and started to further explore being vegetarian, and once married, we attended a conference that really gave us the want to fully commit to veganism.

Mark was so moved by the conference at Farm Sanctuary, that he decided to study for his Master’s in Humane Education, this way he could learn more about the farming and agricultural system, and help teach others.

Our journey into our eco-friendly home:

Mark did a lot of research on how to make their home a reflection of their core beliefs, and found a way to create an eco-friendly home. They also wanted their new home to be a sort of model so people could view and walk through an eco-friendly home, therefore seeing that it was a tangible option for them as well.

Any relationship advice?

“Trust your instincts.”

Your heart knows, and the main reasons we tend to go wrong is when we aren’t listening to our inner voice. Also remember that communication is key.



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