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171 | The Entrepreneurial Side of Teaching Yoga | with Brett Larkin

Dec 6, 2019

Brett Larkin started playing around with video and yoga about eight years ago, and that spiraled into what is now her full-time job. She teaches yoga on YouTube, has a mobile app membership site and does online teacher trainings.

However, when she first began going to Bikram classes, she was reluctant to try yoga at all. Then Bikram led to an exploration of all the different styles. She was in denial for a time but found herself realizing how much yoga meant to her and how much she wanted to share it with others.

Even once Brett finally admitted to herself that teaching yoga was her dream, she had a lot of other blocks to overcome. She thought that no-one made a liveable income teaching yoga so at first she did it on the side, while working a corporate job.

Today she sees other people with similar blocks around earning money from healing work or just doing what you love and wants to encourage them to take action on their dreams. Her online teacher training is 60% yoga and 40% entrepreneurship.  

She considers herself lucky that her corporate job was in the start-up world because it taught her about celebrating failure and just seeing it as critical feedback. This is something Brett has taken into her own business. She loves experimenting, pushing herself beyond her comfort level and launching products before they’re perfect.

Personally, yoga, in particular Kundalini, has been such a source of pleasure in her life. Brett credits it with helping her give birth to her son unassisted at home (the midwife didn’t make it in time). Also with helping her recover from the pregnancy and birth and create equilibrium in the chaos of being a new mom. Her morning practice makes her day flow smoothly and ensure that she’s holding herself to a high standard.


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