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121 | Neutral Pelvis

Aug 12, 2019

The position of the pelvis is fundamentally important for the alignment of the spine, all the way up into the skull. It forms the basis for our movement patterns and for our energy levels, and that’s why today’s episode is all about creating and maintaining a neutral pelvis. 


What does “pelvis” mean? Where is the pelvis?


In Latin, pelvis translates to “acetabulum” meaning, basin. 


The pelvis is where your lower limbs come up and meet at the hip joint. The illium, the pubic bone, the sacrum, and the tailbone all meet to create the pelvis. The tailbone actually serves as an attachment point for the lower muscular system.


 What is a neutral pelvis? 


The pelvis provides the foundation for the spine. When thinking about energy exchange and how we hold onto energy within the body, a neutral pelvis is fundamental for that. If you go against a wall and find your sacrum, pushing that against the wall will help you see where your pelvis aligns. If you find that it’s difficult, this probably means the front of your hip is tight and you have an anterior tilt. 


Why is a neutral pelvis important?


A neutral pelvis is important in supporting the spine, this way no excessive strain is placed on your spinal cord. It is also important for proper joint movement, and fundamental for taking big, deep breaths. 


Helpful Acronym:


  • N: neck in line
  • E: elongate 
  • U: un-clench your jaw
  • T: tailbone down
  • R: ribs broaden
  • A: abdominals drawn together
  • L: line between the pubic bone and tailbone



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