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117 | Private Sessions | with Lara Heimann

Aug 2, 2019

Private yoga or other movement sessions can be a game changer for people because it offers an opportunity to dramatically improve their practice. In this episode I offer some tips for working with private students.


To start with, I gather information that is relevant to whatever the student wants to work on. This includes asking about how they’re spending their time, for example, if they’re sitting at a computer all day. Then I observe posture. Posture tells a lot, because how you stand is how you move. And how you move is going to either dial up the muscle activity that’s needed or it will dial it down. The goal is to educate the student about how they can bring more attention to their resting posture in their daily lives, not just during the yoga or  movement practice.


For new teachers, it’s great to practice your skills on private students. The more bodies you look at, the more you’ll develop a good sense of alignment and optimal movement patterns. Just remember to be aware of your capacity and your knowledge base. It’s important to have a mentor or someone that you can ask questions when needed.


Also, join me tomorrow, August 3, in New York City to break a world record together for the most handstands done simultaneously. The current record is 399, and I hope to see you and hug you all after we make history together. 



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