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116 | Where to Put Your Scapula | with Lara Heimann

Jul 31, 2019

Today’s episode is all about the scapula, otherwise known as the shoulder blade. A lot of people have problems with their shoulders, but 90% of these can be solved if you understand where to put your shoulder blades, how to move them and how to strengthen the muscles that control them.


So how do you find the ideal position of the shoulder blades? The first thing I would say is go against a wall. Feel your shoulder blades press against the wall and then lightly pull your front ribs back more so that you really are trying to stamp the shoulder blades on the wall.


For a lot of people the head will want to stay away from the wall so don’t strain to get the head back, just work on getting your ribs back to meet the shoulder blades. Pull your front ribs back, press your shoulder blades into the wall and you should feel quite upright. Also work to slide your shoulder blades together.


For a floor exercise, you can get on your knees and have your wrists lined up underneath your shoulders with your fingers spread and the knees pulled in a little bit underneath your hips. Then let your chest soften toward the ground until you feel your shoulder blades do the same action they did on the wall. Now hold that feeling but lift your belly up because usually when you let the ribs soften, you let your belly go as well.



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