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115 | Hiring a Yoga Teacher | with Lara Heimann

Jul 29, 2019

Today’s episode is all about what to look for when hiring a yoga teacher. It’s important to have some kind of standards when you’re hiring, and especially for yoga studio owners. Because when we hire yoga teachers, those teachers are branches of us, they’re representing the studio motto and studio ethos.

The most important qualities for me are passion, curiosity and presentation.


In terms of passion, I’m talking passion for movement, passion for yoga and passion for inquiry. I have a passion for everything that involves movement because I know that, without movement, life is static. So I want to hire someone who has passion. 


I love to be around people who are curious because I think without curiosity, again, it’s kind of like passion, life is static. And so I want someone who I can sense that they’re curious and that they have this thirst for knowledge and they’re not thinking that they know it all. Curiosity keeps people humble, it keeps people excited, it keeps people eager. Those are such great qualities for a yoga teacher.

Then I would start to look at things like presentation, meaning how comfortable is someone in a room with people? How are they engaging with people? How comfortable are they with helping someone who is needing assistance? I just want someone who has that genuine desire to get in there, and help people and be of service.


Finally, this is the last big plug to join us on August 3 in New York City to break a world record for the most amount of handstands done simultaneously. Remember, you do not need to know how to do a handstand. I will take you through the steps. To help us break this world record, all you need to do is get your hands down and your feet off the floor for a few seconds. This is just a great opportunity to get together to do something that’s empowering and that will make your spirit sing. 



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