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111 | How Movement Can Help With Procrastination with Lara Heimann

Jul 19, 2019

The brain is capable of collecting so much information. We’re constantly collecting, and sorting and organizing information to either be stored or not stored. But because the brain is so powerful, it has the propensity or tendency to go into what’s called wayward thinking, where we would just float into this state of different emotions. And this is where we have a lot of strange impulses that work for us, like fight or flight or freeze. 


This probably worked for us from an evolutionary standpoint, but the more advanced and evolved part of the brain is capable of overriding these impulses. And so we need to train that part of the brain to help us when we tend to do things like procrastinate. A lot of the reasons we procrastinate is boredom, but also an underlying fear of or frustration of all the things we have to do. We get really bogged down in the to do list. Our brain especially doesn’t do well with multitasking because there’s too many parts of it that are being stimulated.


Strategies for dealing with procrastination include:

  • organizing the brain, for example by keeping written lists of what needs to be done
  • disconnecting from technology so we’re not taking in a constant stream of information


Movement can also help overcome procrastination because exercise has such a positive effect on your brain. When you raise your heart rate even a little bit, you’re going to pump more oxygen to the brain, making the brain happier and more able to focus. You’re also releasing hormones, which are giving an environment and ecosystem for growth. You’re stimulating the connections between the cells to grow so you’re literally growing the brain, making it more robust and more capable of handling information. That makes us feel better and more capable, and all of those feelings are the perfect remedy for procrastination.



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