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110 | How to build new neural pathways | with Lara Heimann

Jul 17, 2019

Today’s episode covers what you can do to build new neural pathways. The brain is like a muscle, it can grow and change. Fifty years ago, scientists believed the brain was rigid and wouldn’t grow after a certain age. Now we recognise the neuroplasticity of the brain; the ability to reorganize neural pathways. 


There are a number of ways to grow these pathways in your own brain. For example, be curious. Be like Leonardo Da Vinci, take a detailed interest in the world around you. Curious people are less likely to be stuck in the same routine. Every time you have a new experience, pathways are lit up and may develop. Every time you learn something, this creates more passages. Movement is also a great way to develop these pathways.


 Here are my tips on what you can do to grow these neural pathways. 


  • Get on your hands. Try crawling around the house. It works both hemispheres of the brain and acts like a jet fuel for the brain. Try hand stands. Practice weight bearing on your hands.
  • Change over your dominant hand/foot. Use your other hand and foot to fire up neural pathways.
  • Sensorial restriction. Stimulate the brain in a different way such as closing your eyes when doing yoga. Doing everyday tasks with fewer senses involved promotes neural pathways as the other senses take hold.
  • Meditation. This helps you “pull in” your senses. For the purpose of boosting neural pathways, close your eyes during a meditation session. Harnessing the control of your senses during meditation and journeying into the brain creates stronger pathways.
  • Change your routine. Doing so, even a little bit, will boost neural pathways. New experiences create new pathways. Notice how your brain reacts with the new routine.


The overarching part of all these techniques is an increase in curiosity. Getting the brain to work in different ways. Always write things down with a pen as this stimulates the brain as well. The physical act of writing improves retention.


Create and think and grow and expand!



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