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109 | Taking advantage of summer to look after yourself | with Lara Heimann

Jul 15, 2019

Today’s episode is about summer self-care tips. Summer is such a great time for looking after ourselves. It’s a time of freedom and enjoyment — we’re hard-wired to believe that as kids— and we carry that into adulthood. However, looking after yourself in the warm weather is very important and here are some summer self-care tips that I use to take advantage of this time of year. 


  1. Make time for the things you love to do. You have more time, more light during summer. Use this to do things you want to do. Plan to have a little “staycation” at home.
  2. Enjoy movement. The longer hours means we have the opportunity to rediscover movement more. Outdoors yoga, bushwalking, playing frisbee. This is an opportunity to reconnect with the movement of our body.
  3. Enjoy the amount of added daylight. Get out in the sun and take advantage of the added light (in this part of the world). Protect your skin but get that natural source of Vitamin D. Getting outside more will also make your sleep better.
  4. Take a break from technology. There is something rejuvenating about giving yourself a break from technology. This time of year gives you that opportunity to give yourself that extended time away from screens, social media, emails etc. Giving yourself this break is like a reset button for your brain and body.
  5. Eat well and enjoy fresh food. We can move more and eat better in summer. How we eat is a form of energy. Fresh produce abounds in summer! Go to a farmers’ market or farm and pick the freshest. Try something new!



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