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108 | Supporting and taking care of the sacred sacrum | with Lara Heimann

Jul 12, 2019

Today I talk about the sacrum, one of the most essential parts of the human anatomy. The sacrum is a triangular structure located at the base of our spine which acts as the bridge between our spine and our pelvis. 


The bulk of the sacrum lies between the two sides of the pelvis. Energy from below is transferred back up the spine through the sacrum and vice versa. Clearly, the sacrum is vital, if we didn’t have one, we wouldn’t be able to do anywhere near as much movement as we do.


So important is the sacrum that its name means sacred in Latin. The Ancient Greeks and Romans both recognized its importance.


Proper balance is the key to a happy and healthy sacrum as it is the center for support of the body. The muscles around the sacrum need to be well balanced to carry out this job. Get the glute muscles firing including pelvic floor muscles. Boost the muscles to the front and back of the sacrum so it isn’t being pulled on.


The coiled energy contained in the sacral area has the potential to extend further energy throughout the entire nervous system.



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