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103 | Working on the energy in your posture | with Lara Heimann

Jun 28, 2019

Today’s podcast is about posture, something I talk about all the time. You immediately have an opinion of someone you see based on their posture. Are they slouched for example? It is from a person’s posture that we receive subliminal messages. We “sense” their energy.


Slouching is a very closed down position. There is negative energy associated with this position, something we get from the person even if we’re not intellectually aware of the exchange. On the other hand, an aggressive “fight or flight” posture means you stay in a sympathetic nervous system response, which is very stressful.


It’s important to find a posture that feels balanced, that feels optimal and grounded.]


  • The skull, the shoulder bone and the base of the spine are critical in working out the optimal alignment.
  • Find a more upright spine by leaning up against a wall, or lying on the floor.
  • Notice the area that is not connecting properly to the wall or floor.
  • If one of the three areas feels like it’s pulling away, that’s the area that may be restricted.
  • Work on the head, work on your pelvis.
  • When you find your optimal pose, it will not only help physically but also in your day-to-day energy exchange.
  • Take a picture of yourself to gauge your pose, not judging but looking at how to become more upright, more energetic.


Learning to see the energy in your own body will allow you to see the energy in others. Correcting our own posture will help boost our own energy and make us better human beings.



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