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101 | Transitioning back to reality after a break | with Lara Heimann

Jun 24, 2019

Sometimes transitioning back to reality after a break is difficult. Returning from a hike is always a bittersweet moment for me and I’ve constructed this episode around those moments when you need to return to your day-to-day life after being away for a while. I travel a lot and transitioning back to “reality” is something I do a great deal of. Here are my tips that make transitioning back far easier.


  1. Embrace the end of the phase you were in. The first thing is to “mourn” the end of the break. Allow yourself a short amount of time to feel sad that you are no longer on vacation (for example). Learn to be OK with the sadness of endings. This will help with the transition.
  2. Make a list of what you’re grateful for. Make an internal list of all those things that you’ve missed while you’ve been away. Those things for which you are grateful to return. This gets easier the more you transition.
  3. Decide if there is anything you can bring back to ordinary life. This third step is where you (for example) go on a retreat and become a different person. Can you bring back things you’ve learned in your daily life? This combines the memory of the break with an improved everyday reality.



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