Meet Lara Heimann

Creator of Movement by Lara and the LYT Method

Lara's Life

The sources of Lara's passion and creativity

  • Born on Halloween

    A triplet with 3 brothers, Lara is the daughter of two critical thinking and compassionate parents - her father, an orthopedic surgeon, and her mother, a progressive-Mississippi born animal activist.
  • Fascination with the Brain-Body Connection

    At 18 years old, Lara ran a marathon that she didn't train for. At mile 20, Lara realized that the only thing that could stop her was her mind - and the only thing that could keep her going was also her mind. That has been a guiding principle in her life ever since.
  • Expanding What's Possible

    Lara is passionate about creating systems for everyone to fully experience his or her brain-body connection and ultimate potential for being lit up in life.

A fearless and unstoppable leader in Yoga

Lara is the founder of Movement by Lara. An international yoga leader, she has combined her background in physical therapy with her love of yoga to create the LYT Method. Many know her as “Yoga Mama” for the endless love, gratitude, and guidance that she has for all of her students and teachers. She developed the LYT Method to address the deficiencies and imbalances of our modern lives and limited movement patterns.

Honing her craft

Lara honed her LYT Method through 25 years of practice and more than a decade teaching tens of thousands of students internationally during workshops, trainings, and retreats. Her mission is to help everyone find freedom through smarter, safer, and more conscious movement patterns so they can then uplift others. She leads teacher training certifications online and in person at her studio, YogaStream, in Princeton, NJ.

Yoga Mama

Movement has always been Lara’s favorite form of medicine, beginning with her early years as an athlete and dancer. She graduated from Duke University with a BS in Biological Anthropology and Anatomy and a MA in Physical Therapy. When she is not on her mat, she is out hiking with her dogs, traveling with her family, and mixing it up in the kitchen as a natural foods vegan chef.

A passion for yoga transformed into a career

Lara’s personal mission is to help her students find their source of inner strength. She frequents top-tier media as an anatomy and yoga expert and presents at yoga festivals, spreading the philosophy of smart, strong, sustainable yoga and compassionate living.