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an adorable bald guy smiles brightly while in a variation of the yoga inversion crow

T-Bob Bodin


Culver City , CA
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

A joy-filled ball of light in human form, T-Bob brings his experience as a dancer and multi-hyphenate theatre artist to every class, creating a themed experience. In a Yoga With T-Bob class philosophical themes are echoed in movement, with mindful pauses to dive deep into yourself. Tongue-in-cheek he calls himself a 400 hour yoga teacher because before his 200 hour LYT certification, he completed a broad 200 hour training (with focus on philosophy, classical vinyasa, and some experience in various other styles of yoga). HIs mission is simple: brighten your day — through his smile, infectious personality, or lame dad jokes.

Follow T-Bob on instagram to keep up with his latest shenanigans: @teebahbbodin

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