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Michelle Onion


Middlesex County, NJ
Primary Studio

English, Spanish
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

I have been a physical therapist for over 25 years. Movement fascinates me. How our individual bodies are able to adapt to, build up and support our daily activities is incredible. I have been given this amazing gift of LYT to continue to support people in their individual journeys of movement and life. I teach both chair yoga and traditional yoga. My chair yoga classes are supportive and dynamic. It uses the chair for support, balance and to assist people through transitions and with poses. There is very little sitting. My traditional classes are both accessible and challenging, with options for the level of difficulty you need for that day. I offer 1 on 1 private sessions either in individual homes, in my PT clinic (which is also where I have live classes) and via Zoom. I have completed my level 1 and a specialty module. I will continue to advance my yoga education through additional LYT modules and through other platforms as appropriate.