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Marci McMahon


Houston, TX
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

I am a 200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher in the LYT Yoga Method based in Houston, Texas; I also offer classes in the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas. I teach in-person and virtual group sessions, as well as 1-1 privates tailored to your needs/goals.

I walked into my first yoga class 20 years ago when I was a PhD student in Los Angeles. I loved it, yet my body and soul did not yet desperately need it. It wasn’t until 2015 (now that I was a tenured professor living and teaching in South Texas) that I re-connected to my practice after so many years of focusing only on my career. Per the recommendation of my husband, I began to practice with the beautiful Erica Vetra based in Austin, Texas through recorded YouTube videos. Through Erica’s teachings, I found not only self-love and compassion, but also by extension, communities, families, and friendships. I then began to practice at the Yoga Shala in McAllen, Texas, guided by the ashtanga-yoga inspired teachings of Erika Contreras. Here, I found continued power and strength in my practice, and connection to a beautiful community of yogis (many of whom are all now yoga teachers, a testament to Erika’s empowerment of not only our bodies, but our voices). When I moved to Houston, Texas in 2019, I found an open door and heart through the teachings of Jennifer Clements, co-owner of the Montrose Yoga Cooperative, a beautiful space that enabled so many of us to find ourselves, and which also helped me to continue my ashtanga-style practice.

Then, the pandemic hit. Not only was I an online professor but I was now also an online yoga student. I shifted between hours of no-movement/static time at my computer to powerful practices on my yoga mat. Like many, the remote/social-distance life led to numerous imbalances. It was difficult for us to attend to all of our needs and those of others; and, there were so many. These pandemic times, combined with a minor fall on my stairs, led to an AC joint ligament tear in my right shoulder. Within a matter of weeks, this injury turned into a frozen shoulder. As I regained my range of motion and re-gained my strength (due to a great orthopedic doctor, physical therapist, prescription steroid, and NAISDs), I began to practice yoga again. Yet, as I returned to my mat, I practiced with movement patterns that were counter-acting my healing, and I knew I needed to take action in my yoga practice.

Here comes in the LYT yoga method. I became increasingly curious of Lara Heimann’s teachings on Instagram and found myself doing her short shoulder mobility drills, which aided in my healing. I soon found myself combing through her entire IG page at night and became ever more curious about shoulder anatomy, Through LYT yoga, I began to take a comprehensive look at my movement practice and patterns, and from there, I began to re-wire my movement, and focused more intently on my posture, breath, and core strength. I began to ask “why are we doing these postures?” and checked in with my ego, and let go of many yoga asanas I had being working toward prior. With LYT yoga, I am doing movements (hello, handstand!) -- that often seemed unattainable in my other yoga practices -- due to increased core strength, functional movement, mobility, and overall general body awareness.

I am so excited to share this practice with you! Whether on or off the mat as a Literature Professor or LYT Yoga teacher, my mission is to help you find the tools necessary to become critically conscious in your movement, and by extension, leadership, so you may cultivate your inner power and uplift those around you.

Find me on Instagram (@thelytprofessor) and reach out anytime! Let's get LYT!