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Malorie Lakosky


Oakland County, MI
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

In 2018, I experienced a low back injury that resulted in chronic pain, surgery and physical therapy. I was blown away by how challenging it was to navigate. Despite my best efforts, I struggled to return to activities of daily living without pain, like going for a walk or washing the dishes.

After many trials and errors, I found LYT yoga. The LYT yoga method taught me how to address the poor movement patterns, compensations, weaknesses and postural imbalances that contributed to my chronic pain. Such. A. Relief.

In 2021, I earned the LYT yoga teaching certification and brought the method to my career working with adults with traumatic brain injuries.

I’ve worked with traumatic brain injury survivors for over five years. During that time, I have facilitated creative projects, career development, and social activities. All of which was cool, but nothing had as much impact as teaching yoga. Yoga boosts moods and creates real physical changes in my clients’ lives. I’ve witnessed how consistently practicing yoga increases confidence as clients get stronger, stand taller and move with more ease.

Come practice with me! I currently teach the LYT yoga method at a vocational rehabilitation center, GVST Wellness and outdoors when the Michigan weather is warm enough.