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Koren Sloan


Orange County, NY
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

Hi! I'm Koren, I grew up in a teeny tiny town outside of Pittsburgh, PA and since then have lived in many states through the years and currently reside in Texas. I hope to be able to add even more places to the list as time goes on!!

I am a dog mom to the sweetest little dogs that have ever lived. I love adopting senior dogs and giving them a beautiful retirement! I have a huge heart for animals and am passionately vegan. I love to hike. I love coffee. I love to dance (especially shuffling lately!) I love to read. I love to wander around small towns and go into all the local businesses. I love comfy clothes. I love fall. I love listening to people tell their story. I love teaching. I could go on for days of things I love (because I also love to talk!).

I have carried my love of movement throughout my life. From a young age I was a dancer and gymnast and eventually pursued a degree in Dance Performance at Kent State University. After injury and needing hip surgery in my twenties I began to become more interested in anatomy and functional movement patterns. This is what eventually led me to LYT yoga. Now a self declared anatomy nerd I believes that movement is medicine and a huge component in aging well.

Compassion is at the forefront of my vision for all beings. I am excited to help people reach their fullest potential!

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