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Caroline Nunn


LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

Caroline is a lover of all movement and naturally qualified as a LYT Yoga Teacher in 2020. An athlete during school heydays, to a climber, caver, mountaineer, and yogi.

Up until discovering LYT in 2018, Caroline was forced to enjoy her numerous hobbies in pain. This was due to sustained injuries, coupled with sub-optimal movement patterns developed from a younger age. LYT allowed her to break free from these restraints, and re-learn how to be in her body. It has returned the joy to her life, and is a joy that she wishes to share with others.

Caroline believes in teaching the body to the body; however it looks, whatever its age, however it feels - all beings have one! By becoming familiar with our bodies, and understanding its function and mechanics, we are able to interpret what we need in order to feel good physically. When this occurs, it undoubtedly translates mentally and spiritually... she's seen it herself, and is living, breathing proof of the magic that is LYT Yoga!

Caroline is based in South Yorkshire, UK. She teaches group classes and private sessions in Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.

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