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Ariel Xu


Miami Beach, FL
Primary Studio
Yoga Lab
State College,PA
Chinese, English
LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

Hi, my name is Ariel Xu! I am a Bilingual English & Chinese Yoga, Mindfulness Teacher, and a licensed Massage Therapist in PA. I am also co-Founder of Yoga Lab. I teach yoga classes for anybody who is interested in learning this ancient Art and Science. I have trained in traditional Hatha and vinyasa flow styles of yoga. In my teachings, I combine functional movement, traditional Yoga postures, Pranayama (Breathing techniques), meditation, and mindfulness to help students release into silence and stillness. The stillness brings us home. It roots us in the universe. For me, the most important practice in life is to discover a way back to our authentic self - To be connected and rooted with the true self and the universe. Then all actions arise from that authentic place effortlessly. I received 200 Hours Yoga teacher training with Lara Heimann in the summer of 2015. I am currently working on my advanced Yoga teacher training certification in the YogaStream style with Lara Heimann.
I am also an advocate for animal rights and a plant–based lifestyle, and I teach annually at Vegan Summer Fest in Pittsburgh. Ariel is a native of China and her practice and teaching are influenced by Chan (Zen) Buddhism and movement specialist Lara Heimann.
I currently live in Miami Beach, grow a little human inside, and teach private sessions.