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Andrea Sauter


LYT Certifications
Personal Bio

Andrea’s JOY and enthusiasm for the practice is infectious. She is a woman who wants nothing more than to pass this joy and freedom for movement on and off the mat.

Certified as a vinyasa teacher in 2011 she taught this dance-based style until a severe accident in 2012 made it impossible to continue with it. She found a formal, pragmatic & highly aligned-based Hatha yoga style helping her to sustain a well-aligned and well-rounded practice. She kept on teaching group-classes, workshops and teacher trainings, always on the look-out for a deeper understanding of biomechanics and how it translates into a yoga practice.

With LYT Yoga® she found the brain-satisfying knowledge, the verbiage, and an intelligent way of sequencing to underpin the the magic of the yoga practice. Manipulating form for function, developing a sense of personal measure to override old movement patterns and the ability to explain the WHY.

Drea combines her knowledge to a sustainable, freeing and smart experience. She offers you the tools and techniques to align your body & mind to get stronger and smarter to enable you to take the risk to use these tools off the mat.

Find Drea in Stuttgart, Germany, She also offers workshops and teacher trainings in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You can expect Drea’s classes to be challenging, well-aligned with smart sequencing and cueing.

Aside from teaching yoga Drea is a coffee lover, a cat person and has a passion for hand lettering. She loves nothing more than walking bare footed in nature. She also has a diploma as an engineer and works as a consultant for labor-law.

⬇️ Studio's address is in GERMANY

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Puls Killesberghöhe (ex JIvana Yoga)
Am Kochenhof 14
Stuttgart 70192