The Sounds & Benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy

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698. Understanding the Benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy with inHarmony Interactive President and Co-Founder, Craig Goldberg

Nov 24, 2023



Craig Goldberg, President and Co-founder of inHarmony Interactive, is guiding stressed people—which, let’s face it, is almost everyone—in how to truly relax using carefully curated sounds. He knows it works because he was his first patient. An early career working three jobs and going out nightly spread him thin to the point of burn out. 

Through his work selling essential oils to yoga retreats, he discovered the relaxing effects of vibroacoustic therapy. Vibroacoustic therapy is an emerging body of research utilizing the low frequency vibrations from music to release the tensions in your body and unlock a new realm of relaxation. 

On this episode of Redefining Movement, Craig discusses how he promotes vibroacoustic therapy through inHarmony, the company he co-founded, the science behind how it works, and why you need to make rest and relaxation a priority in your life. 

In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • Staying in fight or flight mode too long makes you more susceptible to long term disease. 
  • Awareness of your surroundings is key to living a happy and healthy life. 
  • At certain frequencies, music and sounds can put you in an immensely relaxed state.


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