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708. Focusing on Root Causes through Functional Medicine with Karin Reiter of Nutritious & Delicious

Jan 26, 2024



Karin Reiter, Founder of Nutritious & Delicious, transitioned from a career in law and finance after being diagnosed with Epstein Barr at a young age.

When she discovered that standard medical approaches weren’t making her feel better, she decided to study functional medicine and nutrition.

Karin learned firsthand the importance of identifying root causes and how addressing them holistically can lead to recovery and better health. The episode dives into the impact of mold toxicity, the crucial role of gut health, and the systemic effects of conditions like fatigue, autoimmunity, and hormonal imbalances. 

Karin offers online workshops, educational resources, and annual retreats to help more people access functional medicine strategies. Her website is a testament to her belief that the information should be available to everyone.


In this episode, you will learn the following:

  • Address root causes and create a personal plan using functional medicine to heal the whole body. 
  • How to identify potential mold exposure, the importance of environmental awareness, and the necessity of adequate ventilation in the home. 
  • Maintaining good gut health and understanding that negative impacts on this can come from many sources.


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